We make high quality packaging.

Female-led & family owned

Yayyy was founded by Eva in San Francisco. She has years of experience in art direction in both the advertising and tech sectors. She started Yayyy to provide small merchants and businesses high quality, affordable packaging and packaging design support. She believes success is a function of quality packaging mirroring the quality product within. 

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Why Yayyy?

It’s an expression of joy. It's also the same pronunciation as Yayyy founder Eva’s family name. She wants to carry the family legacy forward. 

We focus on the brand experience and innovative packaging solutions. We provide ONLY THE HIGHEST QUALITY solutions to our clients. Why Yayyy….well it’s happier than Yay! ✌🏼.

We care about quality rather than quantity. Our factory is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 and HACCP certified, meaning that the company has the highest quality control management. 

Eva's father is a very talented engineer who has over 36 years printing experience and continuously develops new processes for improving packaging quality, function, production and design. So you guys are in good hands!

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