Digital Printing For Tea Packaging

Digital Printing For Tea Packaging

Digital Printing For Tea Packaging

We are very honored to helped Sandmartins Tea on their new product launch. They sought out YAYYY.CO for packaging design and production help. As with many small businesses, they had a limited budget for the first run of packaging, but still desired their very own custom packaging on store shelves. A great example of why digital printing can be a good solution here.

Working with Sandmartins Tea from concept to finished product, we concluded with using white kraft flat bottom bags with tin-ties. We customized 1 bag size that can fit all Sandmartins Teas products. This would not require the need to print for different SKUs or sizes. 

What’s digital printing? Digital printing is a fairly new technology, a high quality bag-making process similar to flexo printing, and is more suitable for smaller runs.

Why digital printing is good:

  • No print plates required - no set up fee
  • Fast set up time - no 14 day set up time
  • Quicker turnaround time
  • The ability to run exact quantities 
  • You can print many colors - no limits 
  • Gradients print
  • Photo-realistic image printing

Not sure if digital printing is right for you? Please feel free to reach out to use at


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